is an online tool where you can upload your powerpoints, keynotes, photos (jpegs), and PDF's which can be created into a simple slideshow online for others to view. Slideshare allows you to embed your slides onto a blog, wiki, webpage, etc. All it takes is a few seconds to create an account (email address required) and start uploading your files! Taking it a step further, you can allow others to comment and provide feedback on your slideshare page. You can also browse through slideshare's inventory and view topics of your interest. AND you can embed the ones you like (that is other people's slides) onto your webpage, blog, or wiki. This is great if you are teaching a particular topic and you find something to help your instruction- why reinvent the wheel??


allows you to take your slides and combine it with an audio track (create a recording of your presentation) and sync the two together so that the audio matched your slides- this is very impressive!